Have you ever stopped to think about the huge influence numbers have on our lives? Without clock timings how could you arrange to meet someone, do something when you needed to, be where you had to be?

Think of our buildings, engineering structures - mathematics are the basis for all of them. Remember the old fairy / folk tales where the hero / heroine gets 3 wishes- why not 2 or 4? We still say today ' I'll give you 3 wishes  ', implying you shouldn?t need any more .

We speak of being in seventh heaven, the seventh son of a seventh son- cloud nine, etc. Numerologists believe that the name you are known by has a direct influence on the person you are and how you are perceived by others

I am able to analyse your name and date of birth to give you a character analysis and personality sketch,. Numerology can also advise you on the best days to carry out a project or plan- and even with whom you are physically and emotionally compatible!!!!!!!!!!

Have a look at the example of a personal chart on this site and contact me if you would like me to draw up your own So many sites or adverts offer charts and readings but they use a modern sanitised western system, watered down and far removed from the ancient Hindu and Hebrew origins of numerology.

 Let me guide you in the traditional spiritual way.