Typical Numerology Chart showing how all names are translated into numbers and analysed to reveal character and personality.

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Nee Furley, formerly Bargery

Date of birth: 2.11.66
Planet: The Moon

You were born with the number 2. A sign of romantic general introspection, ‘Moon’ people tend to have qualities more on the mental than the physical side.

Being a little dreamy and less robust than many around them can bring its own problems. Those ruled by the 2 may be over-sensitive and get frustrated, lose confidence in their aims and plans.

These types of people can be extremely inventive but as a rule they are defined and inspired, made whole if they are linked to number 1 and 7 types.

Overall better days ought to be 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of the month and favoured colours should be green or shades of cream and white.

All this is as general as the horoscope in your daily paper but Numerology gives us the chance to ‘dissect’ your more thoroughly.

Your Christian name is:-

R = 2 I must explain that to a Numerologist every compound number
H = 5 (one with more than one digit) has an occult significance,
I = 1 handed down over countless centuries. Many of them are
A = 1 shown as a descriptive picture or symbol.
N = 5 14 is a number of movement and risk, a speculators' – gamblers’
14 sign. There are good indications for partnerships here too.

14 has a single value of 5.

Your surname now becomes:-
M = 4 I have to say 26 is a particularly ominous number.
U = 6 I know this sounds contrived since your are divorced but
R = 2 honestly this number warns of difficult news, pain, failed
P = 8 plans and bad partnerships!!
H = 5
Y = 1 26 has a single value of 8

As a whole you are:
5 (+4) + 8 (2+6) = 13

Don’t faint. 13 is not the harbinger of gloom and doom it is popularly supposed to be. Certainly the graphic image with which it is associated is not calculated to reassure you.
‘A skeleton is seen scything down heads in a field. All around new heads are springing up’.
Hammer horror?
Well, this symbolises change and upheaval, of the new replacing the old – feel a bit better now?

I could take ages over the dread of the number 13, maybe I will when I see you but for now, 13 has a single value of 4.

You were born:-
F = 8
U = 6
R = 2 25 is a sign of strength gained via experience, a bit of a hint of
L = 3 ‘going through trials to be stronger in the end’.
E = 5
Y = 1
25 25 has a single value of 7

You have also been:-
B = 2 16 is known as ‘The Shattered Citadel’ and shows a man with
A = 1 a crown on his head falling from a tower which has been struck
R = 2 by lightning.
G = 3 No, you’re right. Not great news here!
E = 5 This number speaks of accident, disaster, failure of undertakings.
R = 2 It is fatalistic, ominous with another single value of 7.
Y = 1

So, how do we summarise all this?

Again it seems trite to say life has been tough so far when I know you have been divorced twice but it really is all here to see.

You have strong ideals and principles and an almost old-fashioned view of what life was supposed to be like. You’ve had to create layers of protection because of your clear vulnerability but in so doing you have moved away from the real Rhian to too great an extent. I can see this isn’t very clear looked at this way.

The 7’s in your Chart show a leaning towards spirituality and the paranormal – I know you take an interest but you could look deeper.

I know you have stopped trusting and why but unless you start doing so again we will never see the real Rhian and you will never get where you want to be.

Certainly you have had knocks. You will always need to work harder and be stronger than most women, but the rewards you will reap for opening up and risking failure are considerable.

Romantically the man for you is linked inextricably with 1 and 7 – no-one else will ever give you what you need or deserve.

Most number 2’s need the support, strength and drive of 1/7 but none more than Rhian Murphy.

1988 was a significant year for you, remember why?

2014 will be similarly important.

But in terms of men, this year is an opportunity you must not let slip.